Finding a new job after 40: our tips

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Posted at 25/05/2022
Finding a new job after 40: our tips

When looking for a job after 40, you may be faced with some difficulties and myths. Let's unravel them and find out how to improve your attitude to get more interview opportunities and offers.


Changing career or getting a new job after 40 may seem very difficult to you but believe you are at the peak of your abilities.
Main myths associated:

  • Because of your age you may not like working with younger teams.
  • Having a young line manager can be a hindrance.
  • Having greater difficulty in dealing with change.
  • The energy level is lower which results in a loss of productivity.
  • Less innovative than a younger professional.


Have a prepared answer that proves that the assumptions do not apply to your profile. For example, highlight experiences in which you have worked with younger teams, projects or procedures in which innovation prevailed, demonstrate that you have no problem in being managed by someone younger and that you understand and respect the hierarchy. The attitude towards prejudice depends on you.


  • Stop, reflect and set goals. Grieving time after an unemployment situation is necessary and precious to digest the situation. Respecting your time is essential to reflect on what you are going to do, plan a solution, define a strategy. Be resilient and believe in your abilities in the face of adversity.
  • Update your resume: this is especially important if you have been in the same position for a long time. Your position has certainly evolved (whether in tasks, software used, etc.) so make sure you update your CV accordingly. Once you have more experience, it is even more important to create several versions of your resume so that you can have a wider choice of job openings. Add to your resume, links, articles or papers that have been published (the most relevant ones).
  • Show that you are innovative and tech savvy: a common myth is that more experienced workers are slightly less demanding and innovative than younger workers. Emphasize the use of different software, follow MOOKS, be on top of market trends in your field, etc.
  • Your experience is your strength: having more experience is your advantage compared to younger profiles. Make sure you emphasize that. Show how you can be an asset to the company you are applying to.
  • Recycle and update knowledge: Training is important at any age. Look for training courses that can add value to your resume. Knowing languages is very important, as is working with new technologies. Invest in what will make you evolve in your functions.
  • Invest in your personal brand. The importance of social media as personal marketing tools is undeniable, especially Linkedin. Share relevant content within your professional area. Consider creating a personal website, blog, or page about your professional area. Learn how to improve your online presence to find a job. These steps can generate job possibilities. Having a network of professional contacts beneficial to the company you are applying to can be an asset.
  • Prepare for the job interview. The key to a good interview remains the candidate's preparation. Prepare in advance for the most difficult questions. Know the 6 tips to do before the interview with a recruiter.
  • Don't be afraid to take a step down. Change may mean a drop in position or salary but remember that sometimes you have to go down a step to go up two. Show why you are the best choice (experience, professional contacts, maturity) and be open to salary negotiation. Keep yourself attractive to the constantly evolving labor market.
  • Always remain optimistic, despite adversity. Positive thinking will be a determining factor for success. It may sometimes take time, but don't be discouraged. Good opportunities will arise after you turn 40, believe in your abilities. Focus on positive aspects, work on your self-confidence and value your positive points.

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Remember the advantages you have over younger candidates: experience, maturity and know-how. Are you looking for a job in accounting or corporate finance? Apply now for one of our offers.
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