How to stay attractive on the recruitment market?

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Posted at 29/03/2022
How to stay attractive on the recruitment market?

Learn how to attract attention, arouse interest, inspire likeability and confidence in the recruitment market. Learn the foolproof tips to make yourself attractive naturally and insightfully to the ever-evolving job market.

Keep improving

Keep learning reveals your commitment to continuous improvement. Renew your knowledge and build on your existing skills through lifelong learning.
Take training through E-learning and MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses - these are open online courses that are available to anyone with internet access and have no minimum requirements for those who want to attend). Ask your employer for an apprenticeship course.
The aim here is to keep hard skills up to date with the market. You can invest in training on a variety of subjects, for example, a language, software, etc. The Finance area places a high value on constant learning. Never lose sight of the soft skills that are important for positions in finance.

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Maintain your network

Sometimes, opportunities arise due to some contact. To stay updated, keep developing your professional network. A strong network gives you an in-depth insight into trends in your professional field, insider information about job offers and movements in the market. Your reputation will be key when opportunities arise inside or outside the company.
Keeping an open mind and being flexible when it comes to work is the key to opening a world of career opportunities for you. 

Keep updating your resume

Build a good resume. A financial profile resume should be clear, concise and easy to read. Update it with concrete examples of your achievements. Highlight and quantify your achievements, provide numbers to tell your story. To make your resume stand out from other applicants never forget that you should tailor it specifically to each of the offers you are applying for. And don't include details of work that is more than 10 years old.
Also pay special attention to your social media profiles, namely on the world's largest professional network, Linkedin. Find out how you can improve and achieve a champion profile on this network.

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Post relevant information on social medias

The key is to stay active. Highlight your work, your achievements, also comment on the publications of your contacts. Keep yourself visible, interacting in a positive and engaging way.
Follow people and companies you like and interact to achieve greater visibility on the network. Bet on the creation of contents to create engagement. Make the public recognise you as a person with authority on a certain topic, highlight your actions and activities. Remember that building your personal brand is a continuous work.

Keep informed on the market’s trend

Do a salary audit once a year to see how the market is evolving and where you stand in this respect.
Also, don't hesitate to speak with recruiters from recruitment firms like Fed Finance, because they have the input on what the clients' needs are. It is crucial to anticipate what skills employers need now and in the future.

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