Tips to improve your Linkedin profile

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Posted at 04/03/2022
Tips to improve your Linkedin profile

Nowadays it is essential to have a good Linkedin profile to position yourself in the job market, find a job or create your own brand image. Learn how to take advantage of the largest professional network in the world. Know the infallible tips to achieve a champion profile.

Why is Linkedin so important?

Linkedin is the largest professional social network in the world. It is a business-focused social network and an excellent portal to find job opportunities. It is the ideal space to promote your personal marketing and achieve new professional challenges.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions recently developed a report "The Future of Recruitment", in which it makes six predictions for recruitment in 2022, analysing how Covid has transformed recruitment. This study reveals that enabling internal mobility is essential, otherwise talent could be lost. It is an advantage to recruit professionals with a diversity of experiences, namely in different types of businesses.

And amidst so many linkedin users, how can you stand out? Fed Finance, specialist in permanent and temporary recruitment, gives you the tips.

Have a professional picture

A good first impression is essential. Choose your profile picture well, select a photo that represents you well, and that shows professionalism, confidence and empathy, adjusted to your professional sector. A photo from the shoulders upwards is the most recommended option. It is very important that the photo is current and has a neutral background. There are several free tools to remove image backgrounds, which you can easily find on the internet. Learn how to take a photo for Linkedin.

Regarding the cover image, have it associated with your company, business area or sector of interest. Choose a simple and impactful image that reveals your personality and that is also adjusted to your professional area. Do not forget the recommended sizes for images by linkedin. There is a visual identification for each market, so the key is to be aligned with your sector, more or less formal. 

Keep updating your most important achievements

Keep your academic and professional profile up to date. Put a title on the profile that is clear and objective to attract people and recruiters.

In the summary put your personal and professional skills, with an original and engaging text, as if you were telling a short story. You can use appropriate emojis to make the visual reading of the text more appealing. You should include in your profile certificates, courses, awards, and languages you have mastered, or participation in voluntary activities.

By including these experiences you can create new networking opportunities, which are very important to widen your network of contacts. 

Ask the right people to endorse your skills and achievements

Interact with professional colleagues and people within the same industry as yours. Add people who add value to your professional network.

Recommend and be recommended. Recommending makes them more likely to do the same to you. Learn how you should ask for references through Linkedin

Engage in discussion to be visible 

Follow people and companies you like and interact to achieve greater visibility on the network. Remember that if you follow personalities who are references in your field or join professional interest groups, you will always be up to date with what's new in your sector.

Promote constructive discussions about different themes, interacting with your peers. Bet on the creation of contents to create engagement, bet on Personal Branding. Make the public recognise you as a person with authority on a certain topic, highlight your actions and activities.

By sharing content, you will be giving knowledge about your interests and projects. Always try to transmit a positive image. Remember that building your personal brand is a continuous work. 

Use numbers and examples

Linkedin is like your CV. It is not enough to present what you have done, give examples, surprise with numbers.

The regularity of publications and activity on LinkedIn will be reflected in the social network's algorithm and increase the probability of appearing in search engines. Recruiters search LinkedIn profiles by keywords. Optimize your search ranking by having

key terms in your title, summary and work experience. Enter in the "Highlights" area diplomas, certificates or some more relevant work or achievement. Also complete the "Recognitions and Awards" section. 

Activate job alerts

Linkedin triages the offers that fit your profile. Even if you are not looking for a new professional challenge, you can always be up to date with the market, which is always a competitive advantage.

At Fed Finance Portugal's Linkedin you can access available job offers and apply easily. Our consultants, specialized in the financial area, will accompany and advise you throughout the recruitment process. Contact us

Your focus should be on achieving a Champion Profile

The Champion Profile is the goal to reach because it is the profile that reaches the biggest audience. And it is how LinkedIn distinguishes the best from the worst profiles. To achieve this profile, you need to fill out the sections described above.

Watch the video where Pedro Caramez, the biggest Linkedin expert in Portugal, explains how you can achieve a Champion Profile.

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