Mistakes commonly made on professional social medias

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Posted at 28/04/2022
Mistakes commonly made on professional social medias

Social Media is an integral part of our daily routine. A good presence promotes new opportunities. We highlight the five main mistakes you should avoid.


Linkedin is not Facebook. Maintain privacy on social media of a personal nature, and use Linkedin for networking, as it is the largest social network of professional identity and business in the world. React and post subjects related to business, markets, employment, etc.
Nowadays it is essential to have a good Linkedin profile to position yourself in the job market, find a job or create your own brand image.
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If you are looking for a job, be careful not to publicly show that you are looking for a new opportunity if it could be detrimental to you. Avoiding excessive posting of personal content is one of the precautions to take on social media. Never forget that all content shared on social media is easily shareable.


Creating a profile is good, but keeping it active and updated is better. Define well what your goals and strategy are, in professional terms. A user who does not publish anything, nor shares updates in his network, does not use Linkedin in the right way. This network exists to exchange knowledge and to share content, achievements and conquests. Be attentive to messages, connection requests and posts, interact with your network in a genuine way and always think about sharing relevant content. And very important: don't make grammatical mistakes.


Posting too much content on the same day or with a small time interval is not convenient. Quantity does not always mean quality. Always think about the image you want to project to the market where you operate. Remember that with a lot of information coming from various sources, providing valuable and exclusive content is paramount these days. Also pay close attention to controversial content. Disclosing your point of view about everything is not a good strategy for those who have a professional profile on the internet. Especially when the subject is not related to your business.


Try to post stories on Linkedin, or join some groups, follow people, etc. Do not use it only as a resume. Participate in discussion groups related to your area of interest and do it often. Not interacting with the publications of your network of contacts is one of the main mistakes. It is important to get noticed by others!
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