How to strengthen your online presence to find a job?

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Posted at 29/09/2021
How to strengthen your online presence to find a job?

Having a strong online presence can be a determining factor in getting the job you're looking for. Applying for a job offer, updating your CV and writing a cover letter is not enough. The job market is increasingly competitive and digital is growing and gaining primacy every day. Learn how you can have an impactful online presence.

Bet on updating
Everything you put online and communicate publicly will have an impact on your personal brand. Keep your pages and work experiences up to date. Describe your experiences in detail and in an organized way.


Do a Social Media Audit
Make sure your professional persona is distinct from your personal accounts. You should check the privacy, block, or limit access to your private profile accounts if you don't want a recruiter to be able to view them. Delete accounts you no longer use and have a consistent profile across different networks. Be aware that most recruiters will look you up on the internet at some point in the selection process. Never forget that each social network has its own specificities, and you have a different opportunity to show your personality and achievements.


Update LinkediN
In terms of career, LinkedIn is the most important platform. Use the "Open to Work" sticker to advertise that you are looking for a job. The sticker is shaped like a green ring and is inserted into your profile picture, giving an indication to recruiters and the entire network of connections that you are available to receive job offers (#OPENTOWORK).
Connecting with professionals from recruitment companies is also a good strategy, widening your network of contacts. Ask for "Recommendations" from colleagues, former colleagues, or business partners. These ratings lend credibility to your profile.


Be active online
Following and interacting with people on social media can be what separates you from the masses.

Create a personal website or portfolio
This way you can be more creative in how you display your experience. You should value the jobs and experience you have already done. The way you communicate, how you tell your story and publicise your work can be decisive for your professional success. Make it appealing for the recruiter and always keep it updated. Keep up to date with advances in your area of professional development.

Meaningful content
But much more than just creating a website or a social media profile, having a digital presence is about sharing relevant content and information to your followers. Position yourself as an expert in your area of knowledge. Publish and share relevant articles about your area of expertise.

Personal Marketing
Make the public recognize you as a person with authority regarding a certain topic, praise your actions and activities. Personal relationships are one of the pillars of personal marketing.


Make your presence felt on job sites
Register on the websites of specialized recruitment companies. These companies can contact you as soon as a vacancy matches your profile and will accompany you throughout the recruitment process.


Create a professional online identity
Recruiters want to know more about a candidate and look beyond the CV. It is important to understand if the candidate's personal brand aligns with the company's values. Your personality and identity are what allows you to differentiate yourself from all your competitors and thus distinguish yourself in the marketplace.