The power of networking: how to build a solid network

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Posted at 12/10/2021
The power of networking: how to build a solid network

Networking is key to boosting your professional life, as it increases access to new knowledge and career opportunities. It can help candidates to find jobs and companies to find new opportunities, partners and clients. Networking is a powerful tool. However, it can seem difficult to achieve. Fed Finance gives you important tips to help you build a good networking and interaction strategy.

The meaning and power of Networking
Network means networking while networking designates the activity of cultivating that network. Networking is a way of cultivating professional relationships in various environments and using those relationships for a purpose. Being a professional network, there are great benefits in exchanging information, knowledge and experiences. Never forget that networking is based on collaboration, that is, on exchange relationships in which everyone should benefit.

How is networking important for your career and business?
You have most likely heard of "The Small World-Problem" theory that says we are six people away from anyone else in the world. The purpose of networking is to expand the opportunities for professional success, but it presupposes reciprocity, benefits that must be mutual. Always keep in mind, how you can also help those you include in your network.

A strong network gives you an in-depth insight into trends in your professional area, insider information on job offers and movements in the market. Having a professional network is no longer an option, it is effectively indispensable.

How to build a strong network

  • Start slowly in your field

Identify in your network of contacts, friends, family, acquaintances, schoolmates, first professional experiences, co-workers, people with whom you have affinity capable of adding value to your network. That said, you already have a basic network in hand, now you just need to activate it in the best way. A good tip to start making contacts is to comment on your online posts.
Pay special attention to your connections in social networks dedicated to the professional universe, like Linkedin.
Remember that, for example, when a company needs to hire someone, it is frequent to approach their employees and ask if they know someone in their network of contacts who can perform a certain function.

  • Optimize your social media pages

Social media and digital are powerful tools, especially today when events and face-to-face contacts are still somewhat limited due to the pandemic.
If you usually post on your social networks the events or projects you do, it is very likely that if someone in your network of contacts needs some service or skills you have, they will remember you. The same happens for a new professional challenge or another opportunity. Only those who are seen are remembered! Be visible on digital with the right positioning. Strengthening your personal brand is key to success. Learn how to improve your online presence.

  • Join a group

Form groups or mailing lists on WhatsApp to share information. Make room in your calendar for meetings/events and message exchange. With so many online platforms and forums in existence, it is easy to find professionals to share experiences and knowledge.

  • Participate in events in your field

Participate in events that are part of your network of contacts. This attitude will strengthen your image among your peers. Read, consume content, be well informed and consequently become an interesting person
Be aware and do not miss webinars, afterworks, conferences, trade fairs, among other events in your area. You can also extend your presence to other sectors if it makes sense. For example, if you work in Finance and need to recruit a team, do not hesitate to surround yourself with content and contacts oriented to Human Resources.
As a good practice, get back in touch with people you met at events. Show interest in the work of others, ask good questions. Establish relationships of trust with the people around you. And always thank those who help you in your network.

  • Make yourself known to recruiters

Sending your resume to a recruitment company can help you tremendously. Fed Finance supports you in your professional project, from the first interview to hiring a job. If you are a finance professional looking for a job or new opportunities, submit your CV on our spontaneous application form. A consultant will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.