Why should you send your CV to recruitment companies?

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Posted at 13/08/2021
Why should you send your CV to recruitment companies?

If you are looking for a job, you have certainly heard of recruitment and selection companies.
Time, effort and dedication are needed to find or change jobs and to have access to the best and most suitable offers. Can you imagine the advantages of having someone to help and support you in finding a job? And even better, for free? Know the main steps to define your objective and the most effective strategy to achieve the job you want in the shortest possible time. 

How do recruitment companies work?
After sending or registering your CV or applying for a job offer on their website, recruiters will contact you if there is a suitable match between your profile and a possible job opportunity. And you will be part of their databases, substantially widening your network of possibilities.

What are the main advantages?

  • Recruiter’s search offers for you.
  • You will have access to job offers that you may not have seen or exclusive job offersthat are not advertised. Remember that many companies do not keep CVs. Access to these positions can be the difference between finding a job and finding the right job.
  • You will be able to access a much larger number of offers from a wide range of companies, including multinationals.
  • You can receive valuable tips and advice for this decisive stage of your life, which sometimes brings with it so many uncertainties. Recruitment companies are staffed by Human Resources professionals, so candidates can get advice on a range of issues, including: CV, interviews, how to present yourself, what salary to ask for, how to highlight your experiences, among other issues. They can provide you with valuable pointers to speed up the hiring process and improve the chances of receiving a real offer.
  • Recruiters have insider information about specific hiring requirements, which are not accessible in job ads.
  • It's free. A recruitment company will not charge you a fee to apply or use their services.

Know the insights about your industry
Another benefit of a recruitment company is that every day they work to provide professional solutions to organisations in various sectors like finance and accounting, management, technology, etc. And so they have significant knowledge about the job market, nationally and internationally

Bet on career development
Even at work if they have access to your CV and see that you are the ideal candidate they may present you with a new professional challenge without you even looking. You can be contacted for job vacancies even without looking for them. 

Recruiters are proactive, they are looking for talent. Be next!
The job search process doesn't have to be lonely and can effectively be made easier through this important partnership. The main benefit is that you are more likely to receive the job offer you want. Most recruiters are available to connect via Linkedin, so don't shy away from sending an invitation on this professional network as they are always looking for candidates with potential. Even if there are no vacancies fitted to your profile at the moment it will stay in the databases and you have established a contact that can make a difference in the future. When something suitable arises they will contact you. In short, in terms of the labour market the network of contacts you establish is fundamental in order to reach the best opportunities. It is a link that stays and, even if you find work, it can be advantageous for future career progression.