How to lead and motivate work teams

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Posted at 18/11/2022
How to lead and motivate work teams

There are several studies that show that one of the keys to the success of an organization is its leadership and how it can positively contribute to creating and maintaining a cohesive, motivated and, consequently, more productive work team. Learn what the secrets to good leadership are and how to motivate your team.

One of the great challenges that a team manager faces on a daily basis is to ensure that his or her collaborators remain united and capable of achieving their goals. Know the 7 foolproof tips to succeed in the task of leading and motivating teams.

How to communicate

Knowing how to communicate and maintaining an active communication process with employees is one of the secrets of great company leaders and managers. A person who is able to maintain an open communication channel with his work group will be a leader with a greater capacity to motivate and inspire those who are his greatest allies in achieving the proposed objectives. Bear in mind that the whole communication process involves knowing your interlocutors well, knowing how to listen to them and knowing their needs.

To assume responsibilities

Just as a manager must have the ability to take decisions, he or she must know how to take responsibility when something does not go well. A proactive attitude in moments of crisis on the part of the person leading a work group will promote feelings of greater confidence and cohesion.

Encourage and reward the best

Incentives are fundamental to motivate an employee. And those who stand out for developing work of the highest quality should be rewarded. When a company does not have a reward system in place, this will inevitably lead to feelings of demotivation and that more and better commitment does not pay off. Therefore, try to reward those who stand out and seek to excel in their duties, whether through verbal incentives (a compliment), monetary, extra hours of rest, or others.

Promoting the development of skills

In order for an employee to feel motivated, it is essential that he/she perceives his/her capacity for evolution and growth in the organization where he/she works. Otherwise, there is a risk of feelings of stagnation with great demotivation as a consequence. Try to develop a program of skills adapted to each employee to provide his growth through training, lectures, or workshops.

Make known the mission behind each task

No matter how simple a task is, it always has an objective, a purpose. It is essential that each member of your team is fully aware of the impact of their work on the life of the company or the final consumer. Try to highlight the importance of each function to your team. However basic it may be, if everyone knows how relevant they are in their functions, the more committed they will feel to doing a good job.

Do not forget the power of delegating

Many times we find it difficult to delegate tasks and responsibilities for fear that mistakes will be made or that the work will not be well done. A good leader must know how to recognize the right moment to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others. Only in this way will he allow a greater professional growth of his collaborators, stimulating their confidence and allowing a greater development of each one's autonomy.

Promoting a good environment

As the cohesion of a team is fundamental for its good functioning, always try to develop a healthy environment between all of them so that the group gets to know each other better and so that feelings of trust are generated. In this sense, the dynamics of team building and the promotion of moments of conviviality can have a very positive impact within a work team. As is evident, the consequences of good leadership have a direct impact on the motivation of a work group and, consequently, on its production levels, the reduction of absenteeism levels, the health of the employees and their sense of loyalty towards the organization. Follow our tips and contribute to the health of your company with a more motivated and happier team.

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