How to get remote work

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Posted at 23/11/2022
How to get remote work

If for some people remote work has always been an integral part of their professional lives, the truth is that with Covid 19 this became a reality for many of us, at least during the period in which the pandemic lasted.

If you are one of those people who recognize the advantages of developing an activity in remote work but do not know how to find this type of job opportunities, stay tuned to the next lines. According to data from INE - National Statistics Institute in the 4th quarter of 2020, 12.3% of the employed population indicated that they had always or almost always worked at home, and of these, 79.4% indicated that the main reason for having worked at home was precisely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although nowadays remote work is no longer compulsory, the truth is that it continues to be increasingly common, and many companies and organizations offer the possibility for workers to develop their activities remotely or in a hybrid way. The truth is that remote work can bring with it several advantages such as avoiding traffic, time, and costs of travelling to the workplace, achieving a better work-life balance and the possibility of working from anywhere in the world.

But if working remotely can be advantageous in some aspects, be aware that this type of work can also be quite challenging. Before deciding take into consideration, the type of work you will be doing. Naturally, not all jobs can be done remotely. So first consider what kind of work you are suited to do. Customer service, digital marketing, telemarketing, or helpdesk are some of the activities that can be carried out remotely. Also, other self-employed professions such as accountants or lawyers, for example, are also likely to be developed remotely.

Pay attention also to the professional relationship you want. There are companies which offer to hire an employee with the possibility of remote work, while freelance work is also another possibility. If you are thinking of working remotely, namely from your home, bear in mind that you should organize your space for this and have a good internet connection available. Besides that, and if your option is to work as a freelancer, you should also have available material to work with (computer, programs and necessary accessories). Remote work always requires a lot of discipline. After all, social isolation can be a demotivating factor in the long run. Keep that in mind and weigh up the pros and cons. 

Are you sure you want to work remotely and need help finding remote work? These are our tips. 

Search by keyword

Because it is an increasingly common reality, there are more and more offers for remote work. With a simple internet search, you will surely come across several offers. The secret is to use the right keywords. "Remote work", "remote work", "hybrid work", "teleworking", are some of them.

Search on job sites

Search job websites using the keywords mentioned above. In addition to generic job sites, there are also specific job sites for those who want to work as a freelancer, for example. If you have a LinkedIn profile, use the platform to search for opportunities with these characteristics. Create a vacancy alert with keywords so that you are always aware of new vacancies as they arise.

Put availability on your CV

Update your CV by highlighting your availability to work remotely. 

Search for companies

Select companies you would like to work for, with roles that suit remote working, and draft a personalized cover letter for each one. Show your availability and highlight your motivations for wanting to collaborate with that company remotely.

Contact a specialised recruitment company

In case you are not getting the opportunity you so much desire, get in touch with a company specialized in recruitment and selection. They are highly knowledgeable companies in the labor market, oriented to unite employees and companies in what are the characteristics of each one. Fed Finance can help you find the right opportunity within the Accounting and Finance area. Contact us!