What a job proposal should contain

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Posted at 30/11/2022
What a job proposal should contain

We all know that a successful company depends a lot on its team of professionals. And a well-drafted job application can be the key to attracting the right people to your company. Learn how to elaborate a job proposal and what information it should contain to guarantee success in the next recruitment process.

In an increasingly competitive labor market, it is important for companies to create strategies to attract professionals who can make a difference in their teams. For this, it is necessary that the presentation of a professional vacancy is attractive and motivating. We present you some key points that cannot be missing in your job proposal

Company characteristics

Who is your company? What is its mission, vision, and values? You should briefly answer these questions. Only this way, the candidate will be able to understand if he/she fits in your organization's environment. Furthermore, this is also a way of showing that there is a strong organizational culture, and that it is valued by those responsible for human resources.

The candidate's profile

Who are we looking for? It is fundamental that you consider some technical qualifications, academic training or professional profile when proposing for a job vacancy, if these characteristics are relevant to the position in question. However, we should never forget all the other competences, equally important for the performance of a professional activity. These are the behavioral dimension and the so-called soft skills

The function

What are the functions to be performed? Be clear and objective in what you expect from an employee for that position. Try to draw attention to the positive aspects of the role or to what it can bring added value to the employee. At the same time, keep in mind that your goal is not to lead anyone astray. That would only bring unnecessary burdens to the company. In all this process we must be careful to provide all the information possible and in a transparent way, so that both parties win in the end.

The offer

What do we have to offer? Try to highlight all the positive and strong points of the proposal. One of them will always be the salary proposal. Keep in mind that talent and professionalism should be rewarded and that a competent professional will always look for a place to work where he/she will be economically recognized for his/her work. However, this proposal should always be aligned with the financial reality of your company.

Another point to highlight is career progression. This is another aspect that you should emphasize in the presentation of the job vacancy. Many professionals who are looking for a new professional opportunity, besides the financial part, aspire for opportunities that bring them evolution and professional progression. If this is a possibility within your company, highlight it in your proposal. This will arouse the interest of people with greater ambition.

The work regime is another piece of information that should always be present, unless, due to the type of functions in question, it does not make any sense to include it. If before the Covid19 pandemic face-to-face working was the most common regime, nowadays hybrid working regimes and teleworking have become part of the lives of many of us. Therefore, you should mention what work regime is expected for the position or if there is flexibility in this sense and this can be taken as an advantage when considering this job offer.

As we said before, it is important that the information is as complete and clear as possible. So, you should inform the candidates of what type of contract they will enjoy if they get the job they are applying for.

In resume, bear in mind that the more complete, transparent, and objective the information transmitted is, the more successful the whole process of recruitment and selection of candidates becomes and the closer you will be to finding the right talent for your team. 

Extra tips

  • Don't make the recruitment process too long; Always give feedback to the candidates;
  • Give a deadline for reply;
  • Use a company specialized in Recruitment and Selection processes, such as Fed Finance.