Tips to write an efficient cover letter

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Posted at 25/05/2022
Tips to write an efficient cover letter

Cover letters may seem like an old practice, but they are still required for many job opportunities. Learn how to improve it with our tips:


A cover letter is a document that describes professional skills and tells the recruiter the main reasons why the person applied for the job. It can be used in response to job offer or sent as an unsolicited application. Through them companies have the first perception of the candidate's profile.


This document can be the distinguishing factor of your recruitment process and well written resume can capture the recruiter's attention, especially in the first phase of selection.
A resume, however well written, loses impact if it’s not accompanied by a covering letter. Learn what factors can set you apart from other candidates.


  • Stay simple and concise: use formal, clear and direct language and always accompany the letter with a good Curriculum Vitae (CV). Start with a good introduction that attracts attention and try to be original. Surprise in the very first paragraph of the letter, for example, with 2 or 3 main achievements to really catch the recruiter's attention. The achievements should be as relevant as possible to the position you are applying for.
  • Adapt it to the opening: highlight the main requirements of the offer according to your own experience. Address the letter to the right person (a specific person or department). It makes all the difference if you address it to a specific person rather than writing a generic letter. You should have a cover letter for each job you apply for, adapted to the area you are applying for. Do not copy other previous letters, personalize it to the position in question.
  • Don't summarize your resume: the cover letter should emphasize your achievements. You should give examples, focus on numbers, achievements, etc. Don't make the mistake of summarizing your CV.
  • Answer the question "why should I hire this person". Present the reasons of your candidacy and motivations for the job. Remember that the cover letter is a complement to the CV, which provides additional information. It should highlight your sincere interest in the project and show enthusiasm.
  • Beware of spelling mistakes or bad orthograph. A cover letter is a simple way of assessing certain soft skills such as your attention to detail, your level of communication, your language skills (if written in another language), etc. Proofreading the text carefully is very important. 
  • Stay humble: you should highlight your achievements but keep them real. Try to avoid big words like "amazing", "the best", etc. which can make you arrogant or smug in the eyes of others. Also take the opportunity to show how you can be a good member to the company by highlighting your achievements with your previous teams. Demonstrate modesty and interest in continuous evolution.
  • Explain your motivation: the main purpose of a cover letter is to explain why you have applied for this job. Be specific and not generic. Show confidence through your words. 
  • Formal issues to keep in mind: don't forget to confirm that the text has the same font, effect line spacing and highlight information in bold to make it easier to read. Do not exceed 1 page. Do not exceed 3 to 4 paragraphs (250 to 500 words). Make sure the visual template is well formatted. Insert your contact details. Cordially say goodbye, date and signature. 
  • Finish in an original way. Finish for instance with a call to action, appealing to the recruiter to schedule an interview. 
  • Final revision. We recommend asking a family member or friend to proofread the document before sending it out. 

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