Personal development: the key to success

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Posted at 07/11/2023
Personal development: the key to success

Investing in personal development is crucial to achieving success in both our personal and professional lives. This practice enables us to face challenges, overcome obstacles, acquire new knowledge and skills, and find greater personal satisfaction.

Dale Carnegie, one of the great names linked to the study of Leadership and Human Relations, taught us that "personal development is the key that can open all the doors to your destiny." This thought from Carnegie emphasises the importance of personal development as a means of achieving success and opening doors to new opportunities.

It's worth exploring this concept of personal development and using it as a tool towards our personal and professional success.


It's important to highlight the difference between self-development and personal development. Self-development refers to the individual's search for personal growth, while personal development explores the individual's growth through external resources, such as courses, workshops, mentors, among others. Both approaches are valid and complementary. Self-development empowers us and helps us take the lead in our lives. Personal development allows us to access knowledge, tools, and external support to accelerate our growth.


Let's now focus on our personal development and some essential skills for it to be effective and fruitful.

Foreign language proficiency

We live in a globalised world where fluency in a foreign language opens unlimited doors and opportunities. Learning a new language not only expands our communication, but also allows us to understand different cultures, broaden our view of the world and enrich our professional skills.

To improve your knowledge of a foreign language, look for courses, applications and try to contact native speakers directly.

Logical thinking

Logical thinking is a crucial skill for solving problems and making decisions based on rational analysis and finding objective solutions. It is this skill that helps us to develop a critical perspective when faced with the challenges of personal and professional life.

Tip: Solve puzzles and strategic games. It will help you develop this type of reasoning.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence reflects our ability to recognise, understand and manage our own emotions and those of others. It is this characteristic that will enable us to maintain healthy relationships, make assertive decisions and deal effectively with stress and adversity. If you want to strengthen your emotional intelligence, practise self-perception, empathy and try to manage your emotions well through activities such as meditation, therapy and reading books on these topics.


As we've seen, investing in your personal development is a way of making progress towards your goals. Here are some tips for you to start investing in this process today:

  • Identify your weaknesses: Make an honest analysis of yourself by identifying the areas in which you feel you need to improve, namely specific skills or personal habits.
  • Find the right educational resources: Look for courses, workshops and reading materials that are relevant to the areas in which you want to progress. There is plenty of content available online or in bookshops that can help you acquire knowledge and skills.
  • Seek guidance and mentoring: Try to get in touch with someone who has experience in the area in which you want to improve. This person can act as a mentor, offer guidance, and share knowledge.
  • Participate in interest groups or communities: Connect with people who share the same interest or goal. This can be done through online groups, discussion forums or even face-to- face meetings. These interactions allow for enriching learning and a broadening of your network of contacts.
  • Practise self-discipline: Establish a realistic action plan to achieve your personal development goals. This may involve setting deadlines, creating a timetable, and dedicating consistent time and effort to the necessary work.
  • Evaluate your progress: Periodically evaluate your personal development and reflect on the progress you have made towards your goals. This will allow you to adjust your action plan, keep you motivated during the process and allow you to celebrate your achievements!
  • Look for a new job: A change of job can often be a path to personal development. If you are looking for a new professional opportunity to explore your skills in Finance and Accounting, Fed Finance Portugal can help you. Send us your application and we'll help you join a new company where you can feel more fulfilled. 

Investing in your personal development requires time, effort, and commitment. It's an ongoing process that can bring significant long-term benefits. Are you ready to walk this path? Invest in yourself and reap the benefits that this journey can bring!