How to create a professional Twitter account, and why?

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Posted at 12/07/2022
How to create a professional Twitter account, and why?

Twitter is an increasingly active social media that can (and should) be used for professional and recruitment purposes.

According to the Marktest company report "The Portuguese and the Social Media 2019", Twitter is a social media with credible information, that informs better, that has and disseminates more useful information. You should also note that most of Twitter's audience are people aged between 25 and 34, so if this is the audience you want to reach, this is where you must present your services. 

It is also important to understand that this is one of the social media where most conversations are generated and, for that reason, the possibilities of creating and maintaining dialogue with our audiences is one of the great advantages of Twitter. If you still have doubts that this can become a great partner for your professional and recruitment goals, take note of our tips to get the most out of this social media network.


When you create your profile, start by completing all the fields with as much information as possible describing your company's specialty, interests, and other relevant particularities. The profile description is also very important! You can talk about your company's mission, tell a bit about yourself or the very purpose of your account.

Pay attention when choosing the Twitter handle (username) so that it is easy to memorize and tag on.

No less important is the choice of your photo. Choose a profile picture that identifies you, or if you prefer, your brand logo. For the cover image, it should reflect your company, the products, or services you represent professionally.


Understanding who our audience is and who we want to connect with, is halfway to creating affinities and getting to the dialogue with the right people. To do so, follow influencers, publishers, other brands, and companies which are relevant to your professional field. A good way to find these people is to spend some time scrolling through the different hashtags related to your professional area.

Twitter has the advantage of providing us with the hashtags and topics that are trending now. Including hashtags in your posts, can be another way to bring interesting people into your community. Use and abuse mentions. Call people into your conversations will promote more engagement in your tweets. The network likes it, and your results might be better! 


The world of Twitter can seem noisy and confusing. What we suggest is that you organize your feed with a curation of content, so that your profile is more organized and looks more professional.

Make lists of accounts with topics that you are interested in or create lists where influencers or personalities from your business area are present. This way, the content that interests you most, will be more accessible and much more organized. Furthermore, the lists are always public. A good way to highlight the interest for a certain content to a potential customer, for example, is to use the retweets and reactions on those contents that you wish to highlight.


If you think of Twitter as a work tool, this is a great social media to promote your professional achievements. Use the platform to work on your personal brand or the brand of your company. Don't forget that Twitter is a space for conversation, so it is the ideal network to share your aspirations, motivations, and opinions, always in a constructive way.

Why not share news about your company, concerns about your sector of activity or about your employees? An interesting format to adopt could be Polls. Not only because they allow you to attract more people to interact with your post, but also because they can provide many important inputs for your business area. Another particularity of this network is that it has a character limitation. There are only 280 per post. So, get creative! Memes and gifs are a help, very used and welcome in this vibrant social media. But don't forget, you are not allowed to edit posts here, so try to be precise with the words you choose!

Optimize all the tools at your disposal to connect with new customers and to reach companies' most precious resource - the right employee, for the right position. If you need help with this mission that can sometimes be difficult and costly, contact Fed Finance for more information and our expertise.