Working remotely: 4 tips

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Posted at 02/03/2022
Working remotely: 4 tips

COVID has brought the reality of working from home. There are many companies that have already adopted remote working as their work model in the future or are moving forward with hybrid models. This practice should develop even after the end of the crisis, so here are 4 important tips for success.

Have your own workspace

Create a dedicated space to work remotely. It's easy to mix personal and private life when working from home, so having a specific space for work allows you to switch off when you leave your computer.
Make sure you have a comfortable space, with good light, that stimulates your creativity and productivity.
Invest in some equipment, if necessary: noise-cancelling hearing aids, a comfortable chair, ergonomic mouse and microphone. It is also very important to have a fast and stable internet connection. Anything that will help you spend quality time working from home.


Working from home can be lonely, so set up dedicated times to discuss projects, tasks and exchange experiences with your team. These can be meetings, non-formal calls, remote team meetings, chat groups, etc. Make sure you stay connected with your team.
Keep your team updated on your schedule. What you are currently working on, tasks in progress, planning, projects etc. It is better to over-communicate than to give no information at all, which can be detrimental to the rest of the team.

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Create a routine

It's important to stay motivated, so try to build a routine to help you. Get ready in the morning, organize your workflow, take breaks, avoid outside distractions at work hours and be punctual with online appointments. Breaks are key throughout the working day to ensure productivity. Avoid doing your personal tasks during working hours. Also set an end time for your work: similar to the work point in the company, set a time after which you will switch off.
It is important to rest. Just like you wouldn't work 24 hours in the office, implementing that from home as well and engaging in non-work related activities is key. Get out at least once a day to walk or do some physical activity or just dump the trash.
Set boundaries, a fixed schedule, with an entrance and exit time, whenever possible, is an advantage.

Find another space to work from

Working remotely does not mean working 100% from home. If you think it difficult to be productive from home, try working from a co-working space. In these physical spaces shared by several companies, away from home, you can also meet other people.
Following the trends of freelancing and start-ups, co-workings bring professionals together daily in an inspiring environment. Take advantage and promote networking with people from different areas, connected or not to your business.

In summary

With the end of compulsory teleworking, most portuguese want to switch to a mixed regime, where working in the company and remote work co-exist. Find strategies to be productive, happy and healthy while working from home. If you keep these four tips in mind, you are likely to create good work environment habits, very important for your professional success and career.

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