Job description: our tips to make an impact on candidates

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Posted at 01/04/2022
Job description: our tips to make an impact on candidates

A wrong hiring generates human and financial wear. That's why the way you present the job description advertisement is so important. Attract exactly who you want.


Being a very useful tool for the Human Resources area of any company, the job description allows you to define the main tasks, responsibilities, competencies and skills related to a certain position. In short, it allows you to list and define the functions and responsibilities of that position in the company's organizacional structure. 


When a company's job description is done correctly, the benefits are remarkable. By properly defining the characteristics and requirements for the position, the company has a better chance of attracting the attention of suitable candidates for the vacancy.
If the job description is not compelling enough and the requirements are not well identified, it can result in a lack of good candidates or the existence of unsuitable candidates for the position. It is necessary to take the time to build a disclosure in an optimal way. Know well the consequences of bad recruitment for companies and avoid it. 


Your job vacancy is the candidate's first contact with your company. And its description says a lot about your employer brand. The candidate must feel represented and captivated by the text.
Currently, the companies that grow the most, attract and retain talent invest in an employer branding strategy. Positioning yourself as a good company to work for has a positive effect on new employees that will come and on the team that already works with you. To minimise risks you should invest in a well-structured recruitment procedure. Delegating the recruitment and selection process frees the company to focus on its core business. 


  • Brief history and general summary of the company;
  • Objectives and missions: why do you hire someone? Describe the missions and give input on the tasks, prioritising them in order;
  • Describe which departments the candidate will have to work to and why; level of experience (example: junior, senior, trainee), hard skills, soft skills, and try to relate them to the missions you described earlier;
  • Describe the requirements for the job: studies, experiences, hard skills, soft skills, and try to link them to the missions you described prior. 
  • Give details on: location, softwares used, salary, bonus, advantages, possibility of remote work, KPIs, etc. 

Creating an ideal candidate profile will help you attract more qualified people and will make it easier when deciding who to interview. Complete your candidate profile by asking the teams who will be working with the new hire what they expect.
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