Why you should care about your employer brand

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Posted at 29/11/2021
Why you should care about your employer brand

Employer branding is important, especially in this age of information, internet and social media. Currently, the companies that grow the most, attract and retain talent invest in an employer branding strategy.
Learn the best tips for creating your own strategy to attract, hire and retain new talent for your brand.

What is employer branding?
Employer branding is the way in which you present your company to your audiences, whether they be candidates, partners, clients or employees. It is made up of the company's reputation, its values and the way it communicates. It is also a marketing strategy used to generate a positive perception of the company as a place to work. Therefore, it is an essential practice for recruitment and selection, because well developed it attracts talent from the market and promotes the retention of professionals. 

Why is it so important? 
To stand out. Today, employer branding is important because it can help candidates or companies to choose your company and your services over others. People today are looking for a purpose in their career, so working for a company with a good reputation and values is very important. Attract, convince and enthuse with your employer brand.

How ?:

  • Keep your website up to date. On the Internet, your company website is the most direct and immediate image it reflects to users. Make sure it stays up to date with trends, easy to use and consistent with your corporate values and discourse. Nowadays, professionals who apply for a position seek to know everything about human resources policies, benefits and company culture. Never forget that the website is one of the most immediate vehicles to access information.
  • Use social medias like LinkedIN. This professional network should reflect the image that future employees want to work with. Use communication to your advantage and show on this network the positive points of your company. Share interesting success stories and initiatives. Social media are a great tool for hiring, but also to convey confidence through your employer brand. Always keep them updated and attractive. Planning a good strategy to spread the word about company culture and day-to-day life can have a lot of potential. Videos about the company culture are an excellent resource, use them. Another good strategy is to post employee testimonials.
  • Keep an eye on your online reputation (Google Page, Glassdoor, etc.). Check and review the comments, respond to them. But most importantly, welcome criticism and try to change things when needed.
  • A clear HR & internal communication. Your employees are your ambassadors. Strong Employer Branding will translate into more engaged employees who are more committed and involved with the mission and values of the organization. Employees will feel proud to belong to the organization, generating word-of-mouth, the so-called "spontaneous publicity" that will consequently attract new talent. It is very important to ensure that your employees are really satisfied within your company. 

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Positioning yourself as a good company to work for has a positive effect on new employees coming in and the team already working with you. The creation of a valuable brand image, reputable and respected in the market is a facilitator in various aspects: Recruitment and Selection processes, talent retention and internal happiness.
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