Why companies should use the services of recruitment agencies?

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Posted at 01/09/2021
Why companies should use the services of recruitment agencies?

Recruiting the right person for the right job is what every company wants. However, recruiting and selecting a new employee is an investment of time and money. Companies' human capital is their best competitive advantage. The success of your business is made of the right team of employees, but also of the right business partner. Be aware of the advantages of hiring a recruitment company when you need to grow your team.

I need to hire. What's next?

Attracting and retaining workers with the desired qualifications is currently one of the greatest challenges for companies. It is necessary to develop a transparent, equal, and fair process for all. The recruitment processes require strategic perspective, from market research, alignment of the vacancy with the business objectives, search, and selection of candidates, interview phase, until the final candidate is chosen.
However, most companies in Portugal do not have a Human Resources department that can develop this whole recruitment process in an effective way and with the speed that is often required. It is true that there are currently many online platforms that allow employers to post job offers, namely the company's LinkedIN page. But do they reach the ideal candidate? 

Right Talent VS Bad Hiring
Every company aspires to hire a talent. But imagine when the process goes wrong, what is the cost of keeping an unsuitable employee? And if the person ends up leaving, it means more time and cost.

Quality and Know-how
Recruitment agencies have a pool of vetted candidates, so you're sure to find the best candidates immediately.
And they have a greater reach in attracting talent considering the size of their database, especially when they specialize in one area.
It is crucial to understand if that person fits your company's values and organizational culture. The specialized technicians in recruitment companies have this up-to-date knowledge and refined techniques for selection. They have the tools and methodology to do all this work in an even more efficient way.

Your company's image in the recruitment process
Ensure that all candidates get feedback. Feedback is key to ensuring a good candidate, including for those who were not selected for other stages. Which also means sending emails and communications to all professionals, all processes that require time. Never forget that a company known for having interesting and innovative selection processes and for being a place where employees feel satisfied and fulfilled is much more likely to attract the best professionals in the future.

7 key benefits for companies
1. Time management. Delegating the recruitment and selection process frees up the company to keep focused on what its business is all about.
2. Perfect match. The recruitment company will find the ideal candidate to meet your hiring needs.
3. Greater reach. You'll get access to more profiles, attracting more talent.
4. Cost efficiency. Recruitment takes time and effort, therefore money.
5. Quality. Recruitment agencies have high-performing innovative digital tools and proven methods. And they have a pool of vetted candidates, so they find the best candidates immediately.
6. Short list. They are able to thoroughly assess each candidate, analyzing their main strengths and potential. Employers will only have contact with a shortlist, with candidates who really fit the requirements they are looking for.
7. Specialist recruitment. A specialist recruitment company knows the challenges of your industry. It has knowledge about current market trends and will understand your interests and needs. What's more, they have privileged and upto-date access to the best candidates.

In short, if you are an employer, hiring a recruitment company is a time and moneysaving decision. The more specialized you are in your company's area of expertise, the more efficient the service provided will certainly be.