Employment agencies in Portugal: how do they work?

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Posted at 24/01/2023
Employment agencies in Portugal: how do they work?

For those who are looking to get a job in Portugal, using employment agencies can be a good help when it comes to finding employment solutions in a short period of time. Find out how they work and the added value they offer.

How do they work?

All over the world there are specialized employment agencies to help people find work. Through partnerships with several companies active in the labor market, recruitment agencies have access to several job vacancies available. Thus, accessing such an agency when looking for a job is always a good alternative for job seekers.

Their specialized human resources departments offer all the support in the recruitment process, making the whole process as stress-free and smooth as possible. After receiving the CVs of the various candidates, the specialists verify which companies registered in their databases have open positions with functions that match the candidates' profiles. In this way, they are responding to the needs of companies and job seekers

Types of employment agencies

Employment agencies can be specialized in a particular area or more generalized. In Portugal there are numerous employment agencies operating in the Portuguese market, from north to south of the country and they work in partnership both with private companies and to respond to vacancies in the public sector. Fed Finance Portugal, for example, is an employment agency specializing in Finance and Accounting for those seeking employment in this area. If on the one hand, companies previously select professionals who best respond to their specific areas, on the other hand, for those seeking employment, Fed Finance provides all the support in the recruitment process.
There are also recruitment companies that operate in a specialized market in other areas and still others that are more generalized. We can also find agencies that focus their work on recruitment processes for vacancies in the public sector.

How to reach the recruitment companies?

You can do a search and go directly to a recruitment agency. When searching for jobs on the internet, you will also find that many of the jobs advertised are promoted by recruitment companies. So, you will easily come across some of them at this moment of your life. 

In conclusion, why should I use an Employment Agency

  • It will help you find a job more easily and quickly. As we explained before, the job search does not have to be a lonely path. Trust a Recruitment Agency and you will see this is the most effective way to reach your goal.
  • If you are working, they may present you with a new and more attractive professional challenge. Be ambitious!
  • By discussing your professional situation with an advisor, you can access information about vacancies on a preferential basis, which would not otherwise be possible.
  • You can receive career counselling targeted at your professional situation by highly qualified professionals.
  • It will help to keep you motivated. Although no one can replace you in this task, the fact that you are not alone in this process and are accompanied by professional experts, will make you feel more motivated, which will be halfway to success. Put all your senses into your goal and you will see that, piece by piece, the whole puzzle begins to make sense.