What is a full-time job in Portugal?

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Posted at 21/11/2022
What is a full-time job in Portugal?

When someone is looking for a job in Portugal, they are confronted with several offers that often differ in the working time. Understand what a full-time job is and how an employment contract with these characteristics differs from others in our country.

Full-time or part-time?

A full-time job is often seen as an advantage and is preferred by many people who are looking for work. This is because it is seen as a greater source of stability and greater economic security. If this is true for many people, it is also true that a part-time job can, at certain times in our lives, bring many advantages.

Some people find in this option the possibility to conciliate their time to perform other activities, namely to study, or even to perform a second professional activity. There are also those who see in a part time job, a possibility to gain relevant experience with certain employers or area of work, even if it is not their area of choice or the condition they most aspire to at that moment. 

Making the right choice

The important thing is always to try to understand where you are at to assess the various options available to you and act according to your goals. In any career development process, it can happen at a certain moment a feeling of some bewilderment. It is not always easy to choose which path to take, especially at the beginning of your professional life and in an increasingly competitive world.

Try to keep your objectives well defined and focus on your decision making. To do so, evaluate well what kind of work you want to have, what responsibilities you want to take on and what kind of companies you would like to work for. Then, try to evaluate the pros and cons of your possible decisions: salary, schedules, family life balance, among other factors that you consider relevant. If you are in this position and need some extra help, consider asking a specialist recruitment company for help. This option can open doors for you and help you make the right choices for the moment you are in. Fed Finance is a company that specializes in temporary and permanent recruitment for accounting and finance positions. Contact us to find out about full-time and part-time options in these areas.

What the legislation says

According to Portuguese legislation and collective labor regulations, a 40-hour working week is provided for. Therefore, when hired for a full-time job, i.e., a full-time job, the worker will have the same 40 hours per week as working time. It is essentially here - in the working time - that lies the difference between this modality and others that are available in the labor market and have a specific legal framework, as is the case of part-time employment.

If you are working for a company on a part-time or full-time basis, you can always request a change from one system to another, whether this is permanent or indefinite. If this change is agreed with your employer. However, according to the Labor Law, a company must always take into consideration an employee's request to change their working hours from part-time to full-time or vice-versa. Nevertheless, it is also up to employers to inform their employees of new vacancies that may arise under the various schemes. For all these conditions, the worker's salary, holiday allowance and meal allowance are entitlements paid in proportion to the time worked.