How is the Portuguese recruitment market at the moment?

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Posted at 29/09/2021
How is the Portuguese recruitment market at the moment?

The pandemic has influenced the recruitment needs. The work model has changed and so have the perspectives and expectations of both employees and managers. Reconciliation between personal and professional life has never been so valued. Get to know the reality and expectations for the recruitment market in Portugal.

Remote work and new skills 

The flexibility of companies and people will be a trend. In 2021 remote work will continue to assume itself as a reality in a new work context. With the Covid-19 outbreak, companies have had to adapt to the new demands, accelerating the digital transformation of their business, betting on flexibility and alternative means of giving continuity to their activity. The remote work model also brought the need for new skills, requiring organized and resilient professionals. The well-being of employees has become the most important thing, whether in a hybrid or permanent model. Autonomy and time management, but also high commitment to the project and the company are also highly valued factors. 

What employers are looking for 

In addition to technical skills, employers are looking for resilient and creative professionals, with the ability to adapt to change, with solution-oriented thinking and analytical skills. Soft skills such as emotional intelligence, ability to work in a team, ease of communication, active listening, multi-tasking, and leadership skills are some of the most valued skills in the coming times.

Flexibility and Reskilling

Two aspects that will be highly valued in the future are flexibility and reskilling. In terms of flexibility, a professional who accepts a new challenge in areas that until now may not have been considered will be valued, thus running a lower risk of stagnating in his/her career.
The term reskilling means requalification, that is, learning or developing new skills. The professional perfects his/her career and becomes capable of changing function in case  the company wants to put him/her in a new position. This is a versatile and flexible employee with high employability. The ability to see change as an opportunity, to leave the comfort zone and to face and manage adverse situations is valued.

Language Skills 

Mastery of English is currently imperative. German, French, Italian and Spanish are also increasingly important languages and an asset to guarantee good job opportunities in Portugal, namely in large organizations.

Attracting and retaining talent 

The biggest challenge for Portuguese companies, which still have to priorities this area, is to find the perfect match between specialized profiles and the offer of an attractive benefits package. The focus on training and talent development are essential factors for companies to differentiate themselves in attracting and retaining talent, namely foreign professionals.


About salaries, the trend is towards growth in the salaries of the most qualified employees, because demand is increasing in relation to the qualified supply available.

T-Shaped profile to stand out in 2021 
Highly sought after since Covid, these hybrid profiles are specialists (the vertical bar of the T) but also generalists who have expanded their horizontal skill field. T-shaped people could apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than their own. The market has highly valued this type of professionals as they have multidisciplinary skills and abilities, help solve problems creatively, and integrate easily into different teams and projects.

Trends in the Financial market

The growth of the functions of "controlling", accounting and financial management stands out. Technological development shows a demand for advanced levels of Excel, Business Intelligence tools and mastery of ERPs. It is essential that candidates are motivated to keep themselves constantly updated, in a logic of continuous lifelong learning.

Top 3 most sought-after professionals: 

The trend in recruitment

With the pandemic, the recruitment processes also gained strong expression through the use of online platforms. Through social networks companies gain more visibility and their job vacancies reach more candidates, and it is now easier to recruit people who are physically distant. More familiar with online interviews, everything has become faster, more effective and efficient for both recruiters and candidates. In short, the pandemic has also created new job opportunities and new recruitment models that have advantages to keep. 

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