How recruitment and selection agencies work

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Posted at 02/05/2023
How recruitment and selection agencies work

Recruitment and Selection Agencies help companies to get the best professionals for their teams. In this article we will explain how they work and what their importance is.

Any company yearns for the best workers on its side. This will translate into better results for your business. But getting the best talents for your team may not be an easy task and requires an investment by Human Resources teams in Recruitment and Selection processes that are often time consuming, expensive, and complex. Resorting to Recruitment and Selection Agencies may be the best solution for companies that need faster solutions and with good results.

Understand Recruitment and Selection of People

The recruitment phase is about attracting candidates to the vacancy required by management teams. How? First it is necessary to make a description of the vacancy and subsequent publication in the various means of dissemination. For this it is necessary to gather information about the vacancy and understand what the right skills are for the best performance of the vacancy. There are 2 types of Recruitment: internal recruitment and external recruitment. In the first, employees who already work in the company may apply for the available vacancy. In the external recruitment the vacancy will be advertised to the community outside the company.

After receiving the applications for the available position, the selection phase will start, which will determine the right candidate for the proposed functions. Through the application of various tests, tests, group dynamics and interviews, it will be possible to determine which candidate(s) best fit the profile sought.

Discover the Importance of Recruitment and Selection for your Company

Companies have in their employees one of the great keys to success. Failing in a recruitment and selection process can bring very negative consequences to the life of a company. Unnecessary expenses in time and money, wear, and tear on teams due to high turnover, decreased productivity, negative impact on employer branding through the report of bad experiences of employees or candidates. All of these can be direct consequences of a bad hire.

It is therefore fundamental that this whole process is thought out, planned, and executed to be successful. In this field, recruitment and selection companies can be of great help, namely when human resources are required for specialized positions. Fed Finance Portugal is one of the recruitment agencies acting in Portugal highly specialized in the Finance and Accounting area. This is the right answer for companies that want to acquire professionals able to respond to specific areas such as finance and accounting.

How do recruitment and selection agencies work?

Recruitment and selection agencies act as an open door for countless candidates looking for a job opportunity. In this sense, hiring a recruitment company can save companies time and resources that can be used for other tasks. This is a good resource that organizations can take advantage of when it comes to initiating recruitment processes that are often time-consuming and monopolizing many human resources within companies.

What to expect from a recruitment and selection company?

  • Identifying the right profiles for that vacancy. In addition to their databases, recruitment and selection agencies are very knowledgeable about the market. In this sense, they know exactly which means to use to advertise the available vacancies to the potentially most interesting public.
  • More careful selection of candidates. By cross-referencing various techniques and information (interviews, group dynamics, references from former employers), the recruitment and selection companies can offer companies a selection with the best profiles.
  • Implementation of more dynamic recruitment and selection processes. The companies dedicated to this area are constantly innovating their work processes using methodologies and tools adjusted to the reality of the labor market. This allows for more dynamic, fast, and accurate processes. 

As you can see, there are many advantages to entrusting a recruitment to a specialized company. At Fed Finance, we develop and work with methodologies and tools that allow us to select the profiles that best meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with your next recruitment process.